Jayden Grey

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Jayden Grey is the first character in the comic story Kingmaker Spaceship. Five weeks into the writing of this comic, we know that he will appear in the first sequence. As of 2/18/2020, we do not know what Jayden looks like yet.

Its first panels will show that Jayden was falling off of a high bridge on Earth. At the end of the falling, however, he found himself hitting the floor of a spaceship. The creation of this scene is captured in the last minutes of the video Thumoslang Comic First Characters, which is Episode 5 in Season 13 of the YouTube series NDBaker93.

Jayden’s Song

Exactly three weeks after the video was filmed, a song was written about the character. The title of the song is Never the Same. | Tell me more about the song

When Jayden First Proposed