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Current Version

  • As of 2/14/2020, the latest version of our comic data package is AAB.
  • Ask Nick for the following file ComicStory402AAB.rar

Getting Started

You need to have a Windows computer to use our story database. Do the following to get stared.

  1. If not already done, install the latest version of our comic data package.
  2. Open the file C:\Temp\ComicStory402\Root.html or do the next step.
  3. As an alternative, aim your web browser at file:///C:/Temp/ComicStory402/Root.html.
  4. Use the navigation bar at the top of the page for access to your story data.
  5. Ask Nick for assistance or technical support.

Sample Image of the Comic Data Navigation

Installation Procedure

  1. If not already there, create the Windows root folder C:\Temp.
  2. Ask for the latest version of the comic data package ComicStory402ABC.rar where ABC is the version number.
  3. Place the data package in the root folder C:\Temp.
  4. Right-click on the RAR file then select [Extract Here].
  5. The result should be a bunch of HTML files placed in the trace folder C:\Temp\ComicStory402.
  6. Open the file Root.html using your web browser; it’s your story database homepage.
  7. Bookmark your story database homepage for ease of access to your story database.